2. Office Environment

First and foremost, if you don’t understand anything please feel free to ask.  At Hoxton&Urban questions are VERY welcome, as many times as you like.

Our aim for our employees is to help you learn and thereby grow as a competent professional.  We try and make the office environment conducive to learning.  Your aim while working at Hoxton&Urban should be to learn, learn, learn and teach others. The more you teach the more you will want to learn.

Office politics has no place at Hoxton&Urban.  Everyone’s efforts should be towards ensuring that our clients are served well.  If our clients like us they will give us regular work. If we get regular work your job will be more stable and your salary will increase.

We also try and make the physical environment at our offices comfortable to work in.  If you have any problems with amenities you use, be it the office chair, your computer, or the lighting at your desk or any other facilities then please speak with us.  Our aim is to create the most comfortable office environment possible.