3. Office Technology – Skype

We require you to set up a free Skype account and add Shiraz-Kidwai to your contact list in Skype. In time, you will also need to add all your colleagues to your Skype contact list.

On computer and phone

Please also install Skype both on your work computer and on your phone.  We can then contact you when at work and when you are away from your computer during work hours or when there is no electricity at your place.

Please do receive all Skype calls during work hours.


You will need to set up Skype with the following settings…

Image 1 to be inserted

Image 2 to be inserted

Testing is important

Skype allow us to call with each other when we are working remotely.  So after setting up Skype please test your audio and video setting by undertaking a call with one of your family members.

It is important that your voice and video quality are clear.  If you need a mic or headphones then please arrange for them.

Share screens

Here you can learn how to share screens in Skype…

Schedule meetings

You can learn how to schedule a call with your colleagues here…

HU Studio

Soon you will be made part of a Skype group called HU Studio.

Using Skype Everyday

Every morning, when you log into work you will need to type your name, eg. Shiraz, into the group chat.  This will tell all others in the group that you have joined work.

Every evening, 15-20 minutes before you leave work you will need to type “Bye”.  This will allow anyone who needs to speak with you, to catch you before you go.

Finally, and once again before you go, please remember to check your audio and video settings on skype.  You need to sound lound loud and clear.

Hope to see you online very soon!