About Us

Diligent, focused and enjoying what we do.


This website represents the combined experience of the teams at…

Hoxton & Urban Limited, London.  A limited company registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom.

Hoxton Urban, NOIDA, Delhi NCR.  Registered with the GST Council in India.

Narjis Khalifa Construction, Manama.  A registered company in Bahrain.

These entities often work in close collaboration, offering our clients the most appropriately skilled manpower and professional expertise at exceptional value.

Hoxton & Urban Limited / Hoxton Urban undertakes client interface on projects.  Narjis Khalifa Construction does not undertake client interface work.

The above entities are legally and financially independent and unconnected.


Shiraz Kidwai leads the business.  He is Director of Hoxton & Urban Limited and Head of Construction Design at Hoxton Urban.

Shiraz Kidwai

Shiraz started his career in London in 2001.  He is registered as an architect both in the United Kingdom and in India.  Before joining architecture school Shiraz he had read for a Bachelors Honours in Physics and a Diploma in Photography.

With an eye for detail, Shiraz has an expertise in putting together robust construction documentation packages.

Narjis heads the largest drawing office in the group.  She is Director of Narjis Khalifa Construction.

Narjis started her career in 2005 after reading for a Diploma Honours in Business Management.  She is a peoples person and is most at home handling large teams and setting up team management processes for the most complex of projects.

Narjis makes delivering exceptional standards of service and meeting collective business objectives her personal goals.


We work to the the highest standards prescribed by our professional bodies.   Our working processes engage a mix of the latest technologies as well as tried and tested methods found vigorous by our industry.

Some links we regularly refer to…

Royal Institute of British Architects, UK (RIBA)

Architects Registration Board, UK (ARB)

Council of Architecture, India (CoA)

Planning Portal, UK

Building Regulations – Approved Documents, UK

British Standards (BS)

Indian Standards (IS)

The Building Centre, UK

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