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A BIM’s Level of Detail / Development, LOD, measures the level of refinement of the 3D geometry of the building model.  This is used as a measure of the service level required.  We create BIM models from LOD 100 to LOD 500.

LOD 100 – Concept Design

The buildings 3D model is developed to represent the basic overall shape of the building.  Parameters like area, height, volume, location and orientation are defined.

LOD 200 – Schematic Design

The model is further refined to add generic shape and approximate size of building elements like columns, beams, walls, doors and windows.  Room layouts, areas and service areas are broadly planned and defined.

LOD 300 – Detailed Design

The model is now refined to suite construction accuracy with elements modelled to specific shape and size.  Non-geometric information, like manufacturer, model, finish etc. is added to the model elements.  This information can then be globally controlled and called into annotations on drawings.

LOD 350 – Construction Detail

The model is now refined to suite construction detail where interface of model elements with each other is established.  Clashes between elements are removed.  Construction documentation is derived from the model along with additional 2D CAD information, graphics and written annotations.

LOD 400 – Fabrication & Assembly

The model is now refined to an extent where all model elements include manufacturer dimensions and assembly details.  Further non-geometric information, like performance criteria, assembly instructions, etc. is added to the model elements.  This information can then be globally controlled, called into annotations on drawings or used by building management systems.

LOD 500 – As-Built

Site specific changes are incorporated into the model.  Further non-geometric information is added to the model elements, like warranty documents, user manuals, maintenance contact, etc. to assist in the operation and maintenance of the building.

Level Of Detail (LOD) explained via video…

In this video Hoxton & Urban explain the industry’s standard understanding of Level Of Detail (LOD) for a Building Information Model.